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What exactly are you looking for? - more

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A way to develop your IT knowledge and IT skills to improve your financial situation?

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The next step in your IT career?

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Something you love to do?

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IT Certifications and IT diploma’s to demonstrate your expertise?

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Reach IT goals, for something you want to accomplish?

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Start your own company?

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Possibilities to attract more clients in your business and to get more sales?

You probably want something more!

More salary, cash, freedom, free time, accomplishment and success

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Do you want- more

  • to achieve an international certification in a short period of time?
  • to get ready for the digital tsunami?
  • to achieve your dream certification?
  • to be prepared for the newest developments and stay ahead of the game?
  • to become a digital worker, who will work from home and plan your own time?
  • to assure your economical right to exist and don’t become obsolete?
  • to get your team to the next professional level?

You can take advantage of our more than twenty five (25) years of experience in organizing the best IT Training & Certification projects on our local market and online for 5.000+ students with 80%+ pass rate

The most important results of our services that benefits you, are:

If you are the student - more

  • We can help you with international certifications in weeks or months
  • you can take exams whenever you want
  • you will experience a good combination with work and private life
  • you will get guidance by experienced trainers
  • you can choose between Live and Virtual trainings, which are available with effective study tools
  • you will get a fixed study rhythm through our Regular classroom meetings 
  • you will be led in Small groups by top trainers from the work field
  • you will experience a personal approach with a lot of room for input of your own work situation
  • you will get targeted training of skills, interesting presentations and cases
  • we are available for your questions and we give you quick response
  • we offer unlimited classes, if free spots are available

If you are the employer - more

  • our education products can contribute to the shortage of well-trained and skilled leaders and managers in the local market and your organization, which will help your team and organization to the next level
  • your trainings are guaranteed to fit in with the national and international labor market (most current industry knowledge exactly what you need)
  • you can choose from a wide range of certification  courses through partners in the USA
  • we can customize for your industry and for your learning goal
  • we provide your team with flexible study methods, which  are easy to combine with your organization schedule
  • we can guide your team personally and directly
  • your team can attend unlimited classes, if free spots are available

Our educational programs are not for anyone! - more

Here are four reasons NOT to continue here:

  • you don’t want to be a business professional who is diligent and serious.
  • you don’t really want to take effort and develop your knowledge and skills to open your financial confidence.
  • you think investing in material is more important than investing in yourself.
  • you don’t want your employees to become responsible skilled leaders, who can run your company for you.

We only accept students who are the right fit into our student groups and who contribute to the group process during our teaching and coaching.

Most people have to schedule an intake meeting to join one of our educational programs. - more

In this meeting we want to make sure that this is:

  • the suitable thing for you to do;
  • the perfect fit for you;
  • that you could actually dedicate the time and you don’t get pushed into to something that will bring a lot of stress in your life;
  • really the right employee for you to invest your education budget in.

We will only invite you to join one of our educational programs, if we think that you are likely to succeed. You only will be admitted if you can help us understand why it would be the right decision for you.


It is very good to keep on learning and improve yourself in everything that you do!

I attended the MBA "financiering" course, because I wanted to expand my knowledge and improve my skills. The instructor explained the course material very clear. I expected more explaining on the assignments, but it went well. The skills I have learned are helping me really well in my daily tasks. I recommend this course to others.

Lourainne Figaroa
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So if you are still here, where are you waiting for? - more

Are you waiting till:

  • you lose your job or your abilities get outdated?
  • an opportunity comes along and you don’t have the required certification or diploma?
  • you are ready to move to another country and you don’t have any international certifications required?
  • it is too late to get a second change?
  • your children are too old to get that good example from their parents?
  • you are retired and you regret you didn’t become the best version of yourself?
  • you see your friends and family suffer, while you could have helped and mentored them?
  • You get motivated by others who keep on learning new skills and get the best version of themselves, while you stay behind?
  • You realize that others around you achieve and earn more by investing in themselves, while you are missing out?
  • you realize that your staff cannot compete with the skills from other companies staff?

Our Guarantee & Features - more

We can help you with free re-sits, if you need more classes. Re-attend the completed course as many times as you like if seats are available.

  • For your convenience, in general, course days are twice a week from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm (3 hours per session).
  • You will receive a Certificate of Attendance if you attend for 75% or more of classes.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Achievement if you obtain a Certificate of Attendance and you pass a test or assignment provided by the trainer or lecturer.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Excellence after you pass an international certification through our Authorized Testing Center or one of our education partners.
  • You can take most of your certification exams with us. We are an Authorized Testing Center. Read more.

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